Çeşme is dominated by the major supermarket chains common across Turkey including the larger stores of Migros and Carrefour, the Izmir regional supermarket chains of Pehlivanoğlu and Gürmar, as well as the smaller but more prevalent nationwide discount stores of A101, BİM, and Şok.

The supermarkets carry similar products but can be distinguished by the availability of butcher, and sales of fresh fish, or alcohol. The following are the largest supermarkets in the central area of Çeşme:

SupermarketButcher Fresh FishAlcohol
Migros MM Atatürk Blv.YesYesYes
Migros MM Otobüs TerminalYesYesYes
Migros M Çeşme CentreNoNoYes
Carrefour Atatürk Blv.YesYesYes
Carrefour MarinaNoNoYes
Carrefour 2122 Sk.NoNoYes
Pehlivanoğlu Çeşme CentreYesNoNo
Pehlivanoğlu Atatürk Blv.YesNoYes
Gürmar Cadde PlusYesNoNo