Museums & Archaeological Sites

Below is a list of museums & archaeological sites within reach of Çeşme that belong to the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Entry tickets to these museums & archaeological sites can be purchased online or at the respective museum entrances. Note if you are planning to visit more than one site, it may be worth considering either the “Museum Pass the Aegean“, or if you are travelling further in Turkey, the “Museum Pass Turkey“, or if you have a Turkish passport of Turkish foreign residence permit the “MüzeKart+“. These passes give free entry to listed museums & archaeological sites and further discounts on shop & cafe concessions.

Cost & validity of museum cards (as at August 2021): “Museum Pass the Aegean” – TL 360 / 7-days, “Museum Pass Turkey” – TL600 / 15-days, and “MüzeKart+” – TL60 / 1-year.

Entry Price
Çeşme Peninsula
Çeşme Museum025.00>>>
Erythrai Archaeological Site25Free>>>
Klazomenai Archaeological Site60Free>>>
Teos Archaeological Site7512.50>>>
Smyrna Agora Archaeological Site8525.00>>>
İzmir Atatürk MuseumFree>>>
Ethnography Museum of İzmirFree>>>
Painting & Sculpture Museum15.00>>>
History & Art Museum 12.50>>>
İzmir Archaeological Museums17.50>>>
South of İzmir
Claros Archaeological Site130Free>>>
Ephesus Archaeological Site150120.00>>>
The Terrace Houses of Ephesus55.00>>>
Ephesus Museum, Selçuk30.00>>>
Ayasuluk Archaeological Site, SelçukFree>>>
Basilica of St. John, Selçuk30.00>>>
West & Southwest of İzmir
Metropolis Archaeological Site, Torbalı130Free>>>
Tire Museum175Free>>>
Sardes Archaeological Site19017.50>>>
Ödemiş Museum19012.50>>>
Birgi Çakirağa Mansion, nr. Ödemiş20010.00>>>
Aphrodisias Museum & Archaeological Site29040.00>>>
Hierapolis Archaeological Site / Pamukkale320110.00>>>
Laodikeia Archaeological Site32037.00>>>
North of İzmir
Aigai (Aeolis) Archaeological Site165Free>>>
Bergama Acropolis Archaeological Site21560.00>>>
Bergama Asklepion Archaeological Site55.00>>>
Bergama Basilica Archaeological Site 12.50>>>
Bergama Museum17.50>>>