Çeşme Mosques & Churches

Ayios Haralambos Church (1832)

Location: İsmet İnönü, Atatürk Boulevard, 35930 Çeşme/İzmir

Built 1832 as a Greek Orthodox place of worship the church on the main street in the very centre of Çeşme is dedicated to St. Haralambos after the tortured martyr St. Charalambos (AD 89-202) Bishop of Magnesia, Asia Minor. The church was constructed on a basilical scheme with three naves extending east-west and an arched narthex (entrance/lobby) that has not survived to our day. In order to emphasize the apse (semicircular recess) place of worship, the middle nave is raised higher than the side naves. The middle nave vault is engraved in colour, with depictions of Jesus, St. John, Mary & child.

The church was fully restored over two years between 2010 and 2012 with a grant at the request of Çeşme Municipality. Plant growths on the exterior walls of the building were cleared and excess loads on the roof and terraces were removed. Original interior wall plaster and motifs were preserved, cleaned, strengthened, and partially retouched. Frescos and motifs that had been encrusted with plaster, were carefully restored and revealed. Today the church is frequently used for art and craft exhibitions, concerts and community events.

Osman Ağa Mosque (1835)

Location: Musalla, 1015. Sk., 35930 Çeşme/İzmir

Built by Osman Aga the mosque is in a longitudinal north-south direction on a rectangular plan using rubble masonry with the outside constructed completely of plastered cut stone with nine windows. It has two floors, the lower floor is a shop and the upper floor is a mosque. The entrance to the mosque is in the north through a plain door. The ceiling of the mosque is wooden without decoration the wooden pulpit is fairly simple in design with a diamond motif decoration. Its mihrab (a semicircular niche in the wall) on the south side is decorated with intertwined flower decorations made of plaster and the minaret is accessed from inside the mosque. 

Haci Mehmet Ağa Mosque (1842)

Location: Musalla, 1014. Sk. No:4, 35930 Çeşme/İzmir

Built by Hacı Memiş Ağ the mosque is in a longitudinal rectangular plan using rubble masonry, the outside is constructed completely of plastered cut stone, the roof is hipped and tiled and the single minaret is made of cut stone with one balcony. The main entrance is to the north side of the building and there are interlocking ornaments in the form of horns surrounding the mihrab (a semicircular niche in the wall). Its wooden pulpit is decorated with lozenge-sliced ​​ornaments, the ceiling is wooden and unadorned. To the east of the last congregation area, there is the grave of Hacı Memiş Ağa and his family. The women’s mezzanine entrance is from the east side of the mosque.