Çeşme Amphitheatre

Location: İsmet İnönü Mh, 2053. Sk. 2A, 35930 Çeşme/İzmir

The Çeşme Amphitheatre is a 5,000 guest capacity open-air performing arts theatre located on top of the hill to the southeast of the centre of the town. The venue frequently hosts diverse entertainment acts from June to October each year, including famous Turkish singers and bands, cultural and classical dance, stand-up comedians, presentations and performances from overseas artistic ensembles.

Built into the hillside to the southeast of the town centre of Çeşme, the seating has views across the Aegean to the street lights of Chios, Greece in the west and blinking red lights of the wind turbines on the Karaburun peninsular.

The summer 2022 season Includes:

22 June 2022 Şevval Sam
01 July 2022Postmodern Jukebox
05 July 2022Yüzyüzeyken Konuşuruz
06 July 2022Kalben
08 July 2022Buray
09 July 2022Sertab Erener
10 July 2022Mabel Matiz
11 July 2022Sıla
12 July 2022Kenan Doğulu
13 July 2022Melike Şahin
14 July 2022Duman
15 July 2022Cem Adrian
16 July 2022Levent Yüksel
17 July 2022Ferhat Göçer
20 July 2022Aydınlıkevler
21 July 2022Baturay Özdemir
22 July 2022Candan Erçetin
24 July 2022Erol Evgin
26 July 2022Pinhani
27 July 2022Yasemin Sakallıoğlu
28 July 2022Lvbel C5
29 July 2022Mor ve Ötesi
29 July 2022Sibel Can
30 July 2022maNga
31 July 2022Ersay Üner
05 August 2022Dolu Kadehi Ters Tut
09 August 2022Motive
16 August 2022Çakal & Reckol
28 August 2022Gaye Su Akyol
03 September 2022Sagopa Kajmer
Tickets are generally available on the www.bilitex.com “Çeşme Open Air Theatre” pages

There is also the Alaçatı Open Air Theatre, with a capacity of approximately 3,000 guests, located adjacent to the windmills at the entrance to the town on Tokoğlu Mah. Mumcu Cad. Alaçatı.